The project dissHEAT

Dissemination of the heating technology research results for emission minimazation and press optimization towards today fossil- free heating agenda.

The project will promote and disseminate the heating technology research results and developments of the past 25 years in the field of industrial heating processes in steel industry towards todays fossil free heating agenda.

The dissemination aims to elevate and promote the research performed for emission minimization and process optimization within heating technology by:

  • Reviewing the past European projects (Horizon, RFCS), and recent published international research and valorising the findings in this field
  • Sharing, promoting and discussing the knowledge in a seminar series together with experts from industry and researchers from institutes planned in May 2023
  • Developing a roadmap for future research activities on low or zero CO2¬†alternatives based on findings in the project and results of a workshop together with experts from industry and research planned in June 2023.