Our Mission

With disseminating RFCS and Horizon EU projects as well as research published in literature in the field of industrial heating in downstream steel processing, this project aims to increase the impact of achieved results and findings on current and future development and innovation in steel industry. Heating and reheating processes in the steel industry cause 5,5% of steel industries greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Additionally downstream steel processing is an important production step with influence on product quality, output and resource input. On the pathway to fossil free industry the past projects and research need a dedicated valorisation, analysis of developed techniques and a focus on fossil-free steel processing. This dissemination will present project results to a broad audience, including topic related workshops and a workshop on international level. Developed and used techniques, findings and achieved impacts are evaluated in this project to determine their transferability to developments necessary for the future. Based on this evaluation the direction for future research will be identified and summarized in a roadmap.